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Crochet pattern Kite Blanket


Crochet the Kite Blanket using this detailed crochet pattern, including crochet charts


Crochet pattern Kite Blanket for many lovely hours spent crocheting and a beautiful blanket as a result!

Vliegerdeken Beach Haakpakket Jip by Jan

Crochet Pattern Kite Blanket

This digital crochet pattern describes how to crochet the kites, how to join them and how to crochet the border around the kite blanket. The pdf also includes crochet charts.

The blankets are crocheted using Durable Cosy Fine (versions  Pastel and Sand) and a combination of Durable Cosy Fine and Cosy fine Faded (version Beach). The pattern is written as part of a crochet kit. If you want to crochet the blankets exactly like one of the versions shown, you’ll find the colors, color numbers and number of balls used on page 10.

For a blanket measuring approximately 1.20 x 1.60 m /  47.2″ x 63″, using hook 5,5 mm / USI, you’ll need 24 balls of Durable Cosy Fine / Cosy Fine faded: :

  • 18 balls for the kites
  • 3 balls for joining
  • 3 balls for the border.

The colors used for the blankets in the pictures are detailed on page 10 of the pattern.

Please beware: by ordering this pattern you’ll receive a link to the downloadable pattern, not to a physical product. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat reader to open and read the pdf file. Once purchased your order cannot be cancelled and refunded. 

In case you have questions during crocheting the kite blanket, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You’ll find my email address on the last page of the pattern and you can also contact me through Facebook or Instagram.

🇳🇱 Dit patroon is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands. Ga naar Haakpatroon Vliegerdeken 🇳🇱

Crochet kit Kite Blanket

Do you want to crochet the blanket in one of the colour schemes in the pictures? Crochet kits are available including all the yarn you’ll need and a crochet pattern booklet (in Dutch, Englisch, French and German). You’ll find yarn stores that carry the yarn kits in this blogpost: Haakpakketten en -patroon Vliegerdeken nu voor te bestellen.

Vliegerdeken haken Sand Jip by Jan

Vliegerdeken Sand Jip by Jan

Vliegerdeken haakpatroon Jip by Jan

Vliegerdeken haken Jip by Jan

Haakpatroon Vliegerdeken Jip by Jan


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