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Crochet pattern Embracing Granny blanket (US/UK)


Pre order Crochet pattern Embracing Granny blanket


Pre order crochet pattern Embracing Granny blanket for many hours of crochet fun and a lovely blanket as a result!

Crochet pattern in the making – pre order the pattern now!

At this moment I’m designing this pattern made of baby granny squares and two different octagons. I’m designing and crocheting at the same time. The Dutch pattern will be released in parts. When I have finished it completely, I’ll have it translated to English (US terminology with a UK translation chart).

The pattern will include

  • description of materials used (there will be two different versions, one with Durable Cosy fine and one using Stylecraft Special DK)
  • crochet patterns of the baby granny squares and the two different octagons: in text, charts and step by step pictures
  • two different types of joins: a join-as-you-go version and a version where you’ll crochet the pieces together at the end
  • pattern of the border (which I have to design yet)

Buying the pre order Crochet pattern Embracing Granny blanket

Upon ordering this pattern in pre order phase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a download link. That download contains a pdf with the Dutch version of part 1 of the blanket. If you  want to crochet the join-at- the end version of the blanket and can read crochet charts (or get the Dutch language somehow ;-)) you can start of. If not, just be patient while I’m busy crocheting, designing and writing it all down. In the mean time: dream about the colour combination you want to make, start selecting yarn or work away all your current WIP’s 😄

Please keep that email with download link , because in a while I will send an email to all pre order crocheters that the pattern is ready to be downloaded. You can do so by clicking the link in your confirmation email.

You can also create an account. If you create an account on my website when you’re ordering, you’ll always have access to your purchases. Already bought crochet and knitting patterns can be downloaded again. This way you’ll always have your Jip by Jan patterns at one place.

Digital crochet pattern

Please beware: by ordering this pattern you’ll receive a link to the downloadable pattern, not to a physical product. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat reader to open and read the pdf file. Once purchased your order cannot be cancelled and refunded. 

In case you have questions during crocheting the kite blanket, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You’ll find my email address on the last page of the pattern and you can also contact me through Facebook or Instagram.

🇳🇱 Dit patroon is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands. Ga naar Haakpatroon Embracing Granny deken 🇳🇱



Crochet pattern Embracing Granny blanket
Embracing Granny blanket – join as you go version – Durable Cosy fine
Embracing Granny blanket
Embracing Granny blanket – join at the end version – Stylecraft Special DK


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